How do you leverage the diversity of knowledge, skill and experience within a particular field - such as HR or OD - inside a large organisation?

You create a network or community to connect that diversity, promote learning, peer support and challenge, and serve the business better.

Except that it usually doesn't work out that way. Your network members wait for you to:

  • ask them what they want, and then
  • give it to them.

But you don't have time for that - managing the network is something you do on top of your existing workload.

So your network stays quiet. The new relationships you expected, the synergies you hoped for - none of it really happens.


The solution is to create a network/community that manages itself. This is an art beyond the obvious tactic of asking people to step up and lead local groups: your network has the potential to be much more than that.

A vibrant community or network is able to see itself, understand its purpose, and spontaneously create value for the people in it, and for the organisation it serves. As an organiser, your role is to create the conditions for this to happen.

I can help you do this in two ways:

Introduction to Self-Managing Networks

A half-day workshop in which you will learn key elements you need in order to understand how self-managing networks function, including:

  • a simple and effective model for visualising networks and communities
  • letting go: self-organising doesn't mean disorganised
  • setting conditions for a thriving network
  • designing a process to underpin network development
  • recognising and supporting patterns
  • demonstrating effectiveness to stakeholders

Grow your Own Self-Managing Network

A tailored consultancy package to support you in nurturing your own self-managing network. We’ll implement the underpinning concepts in a way which is specific to your context and purpose. The consultancy works as a series of adaptive “thin slices” in which each iteration informs the design of the next as the network begins to take shape.

Your next step

Get in touch for a no-obligation half-hour consultation about your specific network or community questions.


People can now see the network that they belong to and our offer is clearer. We’re on the cusp of the next stage of unfolding into a decentralised network.
— Tammy Noel, Organisation Development and Design Expert Service, Civil Service HR