We process personal data for the purposes of marketing, delivery of projects, administration and professional development.

We hold your contact information (name, email address, phone number) if you are a recipient of any of our services, or a supplier to us.

If we're contracted into your organisation to carry out a piece of project work, we might collect additional personal data in the form of interviews. If we do that, we will discuss the purpose of the data collection, who will have access to it, how long we will keep it and we will ask for your personal permission before collecting it. In general we delete such data at the end of a project.

If you're a client of our coaching services then we will keep notes of the coaching for the purposes of coach supervision and professional development. No identifying information is kept with the notes.

If you're a supplier, we will collect data in the form of your bank details and your physical address.

We periodically review the data we hold to make sure that we only keep data we need to. Otherwise, the basic retention period is 7 years.

You can ask that we:

  • tell you what data we hold about you,
  • correct any errors in that data,
  • delete your data,
  • do anything else on the list of things the GDPR says we must.

And you can of course complain about us to the ICO if  you wish.

We don't carry out any automated decision-making or profiling of your data. We don't transfer the data to any third countries to our knowledge. Our IT storage services are GDPR  compliant; we encrypt what data we have.

We regularly review and, where necessary, update our privacy information.

We are registered with the ICO. The Data Controller is Richard Griffiths. The lawful bases on which we collect and process data are consent and contracting.

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