accessible tools for Navigating uncertainty

Risk is when you know all the alternatives and outcomes and how likely they are; uncertainty is when you don't.

As an OD or HR professional today, you're likely supporting an organisation which is facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty; dealing with rapid, unpredictable change at local and global scales.

Your leaders will be talking about being agile and focussed; about behaviours across boundaries; about flexibly adapting structures. Do you have a language that they will understand when you try to put your ideas across?

Human Systems Dynamics is grounded in theories for complex, uncertain times but is a refreshingly accessible and practical approach - one which can be understood by OD, HR and business professionals alike.

Adaptive Action Lab

This is a workshop scaled to fit your needs in which you bring real intractable issues which we use as a basis for the training. You take away practical actions to help you move forwards and the knowledge to do it for yourself the next time.

Everyone's intractable issue is different, but there are some common themes:

  • how can we plan usefully when the goalposts keep moving?
  • how should I lead when I really don't know what to do?
  • how do we change things in our organisation when all our attempts to do so feel like herding cats?
  • how do we become more agile, better at adapting to change when it hits us?

Recent Lab clients

Recent clients include Boehringer Ingelheim (pharmaceuticals), the Civil Service, the NHS, Anthemis (digital finance) and the Institute of Leadership & Management at UCU Ukraine.


Your next step

Get in touch for a no-obligation half-hour consultation to discuss how this might work for you.




I’ve encountered complexity-based approaches before and found them quite abstract; I could feel the practicality of HSD as soon as we started the training.
— Tammy Noel, Organisation Development and Design Expert Service, Civil Service HR
Understanding finite/infinite games and dynamical change altered the way I see organisational change.
— Tamilla Mahkamova, HR Business Partner, Boehringer Ingelheim